One Finger Gets You 10 Vital Signs

Now you can track 10 Vitals
with one device in minutes.

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Wellness Score:
When it comes to your wellness, Know the Score

Our innovative proprietary algorithm calculates your overall Health Score based upon key measurements.

  • Heart Health 87% 87%
  • Temperature 65% 65%
  • Breathing rate 76% 76%
  • Muscle index 60% 60%
  • Pre-diabetic index 80% 80%

Wellvii Premium Membership

Wellvii iOS and Android apps empower you to take control of and own your health information. Easily manage and share your health information with family and health care providers. With Wellvii you’re in control of your health.

Vital History APp
“Remote monitoring will be an incredibly important part of Health Care delivery [and] will see enormous growth.“
“At Partners Connected Health we partnered with Vital [ Wellvii and] our study concluded [that] the Vital [Wellvii] Wellness  device is well-suited for home-based non-medical monitoring of heart rate, respiratory rate and  blood  pressure.”
“The Vital [Wellvii] Wellness device is exciting because … one small device enables us to capture Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation, Respiratory Rate and Body Temperature.”


Vice President, Connected Health, Partners HealthCare

Professor of Dermatology, Harvard Medical School